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Fitness Equipment Guide
...How to Choose an Elliptical

Choosing an Elliptical

Elliptical fitness machines are popular ... and becoming more so as more and more people learn about and experience their benefits.

Ellipticals are not only a fun way to exercise, but they offer total body workouts with low impact ... in 30 minutes or less!

The exercise bike and treadmill still offer good cross training options to keep your workout levels from stagnating, but if someone is down to the line on budget and can only select one exercise machine for their home gym, the Elliptical is proving to be the number one choice - for good reason!


The Elliptical combines the results and action of running / jogging, treadmills and exercise bikes including cardiovascular strengthening - but without the pounding impact that these exercise options deliver. Some Elliptical models offer inclines for additional resistance and intensity training, providing options to target specific muscle groups such as the glutes, quads or calves. Elliptical trainers without movable handlebars serve up a super workout, but you can also burn more calories, mix up your exercise routine and improve upper body strength with models that come with handlebars that do move.


Not all fitness equipment machines are alike and each offers features which may or may not be of consequence to you. But quality Ellipticals all offer the essential aspects that will give you an effective workout that will enhance your health, your looks and your spirits - without the body stress of other types of exercise machines.


Many owners of elliptical cross-trainers comment that they actually look forward to their workouts...and that it is the only piece of fitness equipment in their home gym that has ever kept them continuing their workout routines without fail.




Here are some items that most find important to the the process of choosing an elliptical trainer for effectiveness and suitability:


Foot pedals - The elliptical motion is intended to keep your foot in place to achieve the smooth, fluid action and low impact. Not all feet are the same size, so you want to check for accommodation to those differences.


Stride - Most ellipticals have different stride lengths. Many report that a stride of at least 18 inches should be minimum... unless you are quite short. Then smaller will likely be best for you. Some machines come with adjustable strides. If you are very tall, this might be a feature that you would want to assure is available on your elliptical fitness equipment - especially if others in your household are shorter.


Sturdiness - Different Elliptical models are designed to support different user weight levels. Don't expect a low end machine to support a high-end user weight. Check the specifications to note what weight levels are supported by the frame and choose accordingly. Of course, the more weight that needs to be supported, the more you need to expect to pay for the additional design elements that will withstand the additional weight stress of usage.



Movable handlebars - An effective workout can be achieved without movable handlebars, but an elliptical with that feature will help burn up more calories as well as enhance your upper body strength.


Incline - An incline feature allows you to change the intensity of your workout as well as the muscles you target. While not necessary for a good exercise routine with results, many people appreciate the extra modification potential.


Display and program options - A display that is easy to read - and to use - is important to overall usability and function. There is often a choice of consoles.


Basic console models provide the essential workout programs that will get you fit and healthy. More advanced modules offer additional programs or custom workout programing possibilites that will help keep you engaged in your exercise routine. Select your console choice for the amount of variety that will suit your needs - and pay for only what you will use and enjoy.


Heart rate monitors - Some monitors are in the handlebars, while others offer a chest band or both. The chest band style of monitor has been reported to be more accurate.


Noise Level - The smoothness of operation and type of drive system are usually responsible for the level of noise or quiet during operation. Not all ellipticals offer the same level of silence - and it is, of course, often a subjective perspective on what is good or bad.


If you need the ultimate in noise suppression, the higher end models will likely be your best choice. Rear end drives are reported to offer the quietest and most smooth operation. Read the reviews of current owners to help determine what to expect from the elliptical that meets your needs and pocket book.

Price - Choosing the ideal elliptical, of course, hedges on your budget. Be ready to pay more for more features and advanced technology that put the 'high' in the higher priced models. More advanced features will take more from your bottom line. But it's best to get an elliptical that fits right to assure you will come back to use it and reap the amazing health benefits that the elliptical can provide.




Choosing the Elliptical that Fits Your Needs


If you choose wisely, you'll go for the features you can afford that will meet your needs and keep you engaged with your home elliptical. Often, higher prices come down to additional workout programs or ability to adjust features or customize programs. Additional noise suppression, if so needed, is a feature usually aligned with the more elite models of elliptical trainers.


The quality, reliability and function along with the ability to provide an effective total body workout are available in all the machines highlighted here per reviews and specifications. Additional features needed to satisfy individual preferences can be added as needed and can increase price.






Getting the right features for your elliptical can be essential to your continued use and the ultimate success of your exercise regimen. Coupled with solid frame construction and reliablity, the features and programs you choose for your elliptical are usually the right mix that keep you coming back regularly for your workout... which, is of course, the name of this game!


Measure the features that will keep you involved, engaged and interested and pay for what you can afford. Otherwise, the elliptical, which are pricy fitness units compared to some other home gym equipment, may end up as seriously overpriced clothes hangers -- with the other home fitness equipment that has been abandoned.










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As with any Fitness Activity, seek the counsel of your personal physician before beginning any Exercise Program with the Schwinn 430, Nordic Track 990, Nordic Track 1300, Lifefitness X1, X3 or X8 Ellipticals -- or any fitness equipment.





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