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Fitness Equipment Guide
   Benefits of Ellipticals

Ellipticals provide
many health benefits!

Ellipticals are popular workout machines - and their popularity continues to grow. For good reason! The benefits of ellipticals are noteworthy!

Elliptical Trainers combine the best attributes of treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers and jogging or brisk walking - all in one -- without the body impact that make achieving fitness easy on your knees, back and joints.

And -- an elliptical can help you achieve a total body workout in 30 minutes!

Ellipticals have become one of the most popular workout machines...and their popularity continues to grow as people discover the many benefits of an elliptical workout. Looking to burn calories? Concerned about improving muscle strength or bone density? Need a good aerobic routine to improve cardiovascular fitness? An Elliptical provides all-in-one benefits by combining the attributes of a stepper, an exercise bike, a treadmill and a good workout walk or jog -- without the body jolt that those type of exercises can serve up. Have a bad back, weak knees or joints? An elliptical can solve those concerns and help you attain and maintain the health levels you seek without the body stress.



Fitness clubs have been increasing the number of elliptical trainers for their membership to keep up with demand. More and more people are looking to add an elliptical trainer to their home gym... or to make it their main exercise outlet. The club regulars use their home elliptical between gym club visits, while others purchase an elliptical machine to avoid all the 'hassles' of a club membership, preferring to save on travel, prep time and expense of a club to exercise in the comfort, privacy and security of their own homes.


Elliptical trainers can save you time, yet give you the full work out you need. An elliptical machine will provide that effective workout without the pounding, exertion and impact to joints, knees, bones, tissues, nerves and body that are part of the territory with other types of fitness equipment like treadmills, bikes, skiers, steppers and weights.


Additionally, an elliptical trainer offers low impact weight bearing exercise as well as an effective cardiovascular workout. All skill levels - from beginer to advanced - can be accommodated with the right elliptical, since most have great on-board programs that allow you to adjust a range of settings to meet and challenge your particular workout regimen demands. An elliptical trainer does not require strenuous positions or strength requirements to use or reap the benefits from use of the machine.




How is this accomplished with an Elliptical machine?


The elliptical cross trainer provides a continuous, smooth ride with an elliptical motion that keep your feet on the footpads to avoid the pounding and body impact. Once you've conquered one level, you can increase resistance and velocity, and with some ellipticals, the incline, to increase the workload for additional cardiovascular and workout benefits.


With the right elliptical, you can track your heart rate via the handlebar grips, thus avoiding the uncomfortable wires. You can keep track of your workouts and take advantage of various other special computerized programs provided to enhance your elliptical workout experience. Use the moveable handlebars to exercise your upper body while receiving the aerobic, cardiovascular and weight-bearing benefits of the elliptical motion during your routines. Further, you receive added benefits of strenghthening leg muscles while you tone.


And it's almost too good to be true...but you can achieve a total body workout in 30 minutes with your Elliptical Trainer! ! By combining all the best attributes of various exercise machines and routines, the elliptical can provide a complete fitness regimen that improves your overall health in a half hour or less!.


An Elliptical trainer can strengthen your heart with continual use, reducing your chances for heart problems in the future. This can decrease your chances for heart attack, heart disease and strokes. With consistent use of the elliptical, not only your heart benefits, but your metabolism can be increased as well. Heightened metabolism will burn fat calories more quickly, promoting weight loss and helping to prevent weight gain.The elliptical trainer will also tone your muscles such as your back, arms, legs, and stomach.


The elliptical trainer makes it easy and enjoyable to get fit, lose pounds and strengthen your health picture without joint and body stress and impact. With the proper elliptical, chosen to support your current weight ... or the heaviest member of your family who will use it, along with quality construction, your fitness program will help you reach goals and desired results with a small investment in time. A quality machine is not inexpensive, but good, reliable machines are now available for the home gym that provide features and performance of the best club ellipticals.


Prices of good elliptical machines begin under $1000... and go up from there with added features. So many reviewers mention how they actually look forward to getting up and exercising each day on their elliptical...that the experience is so rewarding! That eye-opening .. and in terms of cost and benefits -- Priceless!





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As with any Fitness Activity, seek the counsel of your personal physician before beginning any Exercise Program with the Schwinn 430, Nordic Track 990, Nordic Track 1300, Lifefitness X1, X3 or X8 Ellipticals -- or any fitness equipment.





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