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LifeFitness X8 Elliptical






















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LifeFitness X8 Elliptical
....Fitness Equipment Guide.

Life Fitness X8



The LifeFitness X8 Elliptical has all the resources and technology to help get you into top shape with the ability to focus on target areas as well as to provide a total body workout par exellence!




The Life Fitness X8 Elliptical Machine is top rated fitness equipment that will keep your workout progress up to date with readouts of time, distance, velocity, reistance levels and heart and pulse rate as well as calorie burn and More! And with both the Basic and the Advanced Consoles -- your choice -- you will have excellent selections of workout programs to keep you engaged and on course to the ideal BMI and fitness level you desire.







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The Life Fitness Club Series  - The HOME version of the Health Club models!LifeFitness
Club Series

Should the LifeFitness X8 not be available when you need to purchase... you may wish to check out the LifeFitness Club Series -- offering similar features -- and the high end Home Version of the famous Health Club equipment for which Life Fitness excels as well.


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KEY FEATURES of the LIFE FITNESS X8 Home Fitness Equipment

Choice of Two Consoles


Basic and Advanced Consoles.

Choose the Basic if you usually select a Manual workout.

... •The Basic Workout Console has all the workout programs you'll need to establish and maintain an effective fitness

....•Order the Life Fitness X8 elliptical cross trainer with the Advanced Console if you need a variety of advanced programs
.....and a hands-free wireless Heart Rate monitor.



Designed to provide a more natural ellipse motion. Life Fitness X8 pedals are spaced 1.75 inches apart - the closest in the elliptical industry.

FlexPedal Shock Absorption System cushions impact and allows the foot pedals to flex for an even lower impact ride than other standard ellipticals.





Integrated LCD display, with blue background and white characters.

Shows basic information such as time,speed, distance, heart rate, calories,and target heart rate.

Also displays your stride length and the muscles that you are exercising.

Measures 3 x 5 inches. (7.6 cm x 12.7 cm)



Whisper eStride


Life Fitness Advanced technology that keeps your X8 Elliptical pleasingly quiet.

The fluid electronic stride adjusts from 18 to 24 inches to accommodate users of different sizes and also helps to target different lower-body muscle groups.


ErgoGrip stationary handlebar - provides stability for your lower-body only workouts.




The Life Fitness X8 elliptical cross-trainer measures your heart rate via integrated sensors in the stationary handlebar.

Additionally, a wireless monitoring system is provided if you choose the Advanced Workout Console rather than the Manual Console.

The X8 Elliptical features five HeartSync heart rate controlled workouts to keep you in your target heart rate zone.





An exciting additional feature on board the Life Fitness X8 is the LegSculptor mode.

Select this mode to have the elliptical electronically adjust your stride length as you exercise by two inches every two minutes -- and you will target different lower body muscle groups, such as glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads.



Total-Body Trainer Mode


Helps you to train different muscle groups



Total Body Workout


The Life Fitness X8 synchronizes upper- and lower-body movement to give you a complete total body workout.



Extra Creature Comforts for the Lifefitness X8


On-board integrated reading rack.

Stay hydrated with the convenient on-board water bottle holders, which are removable and dishwasher safe.



Durable - Solid Frame and Quality Construction


The LifeFitness X8 elliptical trainer sports a 400-lb user capacity


Approximate Dimensions:


Height: 63"
Width: 26"
Depth: 83"

Approximate Weight:


Unit: 250 lbs
Shipping: 270 lbs



Frame and Lifesprings - Lifetime Warranty
Resistance System - 10-Years
Parts - 7 Years
Activity Zone - 2 Years
Labor 1 Year








Your new Elliptical Fitness Equipment for your Home Gym!

The Life Fitness X8 Elliptical will give you commercial quality at a home gym price!

The Life Fitness Elliptical offers a wide variety of engaging programs to keep your fitness program on track!





As with any Fitness Activity, seek the counsel of your personal physician before beginning any Exercise Program with the Lifefitness X8, X3 or X1   Schwinn 430, Nordic Track 990, Nordic Track 1300, Ellipticals -- or any home fitness equipment.





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