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Nordic Track 1300 Commercial from Sears




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Elliptical Fitness Equipment Guide
Nordic Track 1300 Elliptical

Nordic Track 1300 Commercial Elliptical



A Possible Great Buy?



The Nordic Track 1300 has features that have received positive reviews by owners of this elliptical, such as the oversized pedals, the comfort and adjustability along with the power incline feature.



Other nice features on this Elliptical machine include an easy-to-read console, which conveniently displays your pulse, RPMs, resistance level, speed, distance and calories burned.


The Quick Target Toning option allows you to selectively choose the muscle group you want to work on with the push of a button. The elliptical automatically selects the program to help you achieve that result.


The Power Incline allows you to dial up the ramp level and you can increase resistance with the 1-Touch Resistance feature as well.


















KEY FEATURES of the 1300 Elliptical Trainer by Nordic Track:

Power Incline Ramp

Upper body workout handlebars

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance – 16 levels

18" Stride Length

CardioGrip™ Heart Rate Monitor

Rear flywheel

18 Workout Programs

350 lb. user weight capacity

CoolAire™ Fan

– 90 days parts and labor; lifetime frame



Discontinued Model - WATCH for AVAILABLE Models! -- You may Snag a REALLY GOOD DEAL!


The manufacturer lists the Nordic Track 1300 as 'commercial'. That term is likely meant to convey the idea of solid construction, and indeed, the Nordic Track 1300 has a steel frame and a balanced rear fly-wheel. But for a NEW machine set at a price less than $1000, no one should expect to get a truly commercial or Club-construction quality elliptical, especially with the limited warranty for parts and labor set at 90 days.


A true commercial quality Ellliptical Machine will run into the $3000 - $5000 or more range and offer a warranty that extends well beyond the warranty of this model.



That being said, the Nordic Track 1300 Commercial model has received high marks from both consumer and pro reviews. For a HOME gym machine, used as an average person would exercise, (which is what the average customer would expect to be looking for any way..) this elliptical may be just your ticket. It has many Club-quality features of those expensive ellipticals that make workouts more pleasant...and even fun, per customer comments.


If you don't expect to use the Nordic Track 1300 clock-round/week-round, and are mindful of the user weight maximum on this fitness equipment (350 pounds), this Elliptical may serve up many moons of delightful elliptical exercise for you and your family.



With the extended warranty cost being reasonable, it may behoove you to purchase that for extra peace of mind.


Since this model has been discontinued recently, there may be some REALLY good buys on this Elliptical to be had.




The Nordic Track AudioStrider 990 has comparable features and design, costs a bit more, but also offers the iFit workout card plug-in and folds up for storage. It also carries a better warranty. The Nordic Track 1300 may feel more solid due to the fact that it is not designed to fold up.


Newer models have been developed, with the ratings of the 1300 slipping here and there. That may be due to lack of interest by users, since the model has been around for a while, and 'newer' can be more exciting -- or --- just conjecture here -- any lesser ratings might be due to more recently relaxed production standards as it neared discontinued status?... Unknown.


At any rate, if you find one of these ellipticals available, find it's features appealing, and the comfort of the stride suits you, it may be a Best Buy for you. The Nordic Track 1300 'Commercial' has received positive ratings from the start as a truly good machine, albeit not one of true Commercial Club construction as envisioned in the "Commercial" tag of its name. But per User reports, a usually highly rated machine, offering pleasant workouts, in the lower $$$ end or budget range of Ellipticals. If you keep in mind that you are not purchasing a true 'Club' model, despite the name, and are simply looking to do typically average exercise with this machine, just as you would with any other model, are not an intense athlete in training or opening your own at home Commercial type gym... then the Nordic Track 1300 'Commercial' may be just what you've been looking for.


If you've scoped around and checked on the quality of this model...this may be exactly what you need for a pinched budget with the "Discontinued" status of this model -- IF you can still find an available model before too long . Again, you may find a super buy that will please your pocket book well as your..uh.. 'bottom line.'





KEY FEATURES of the NORDIC TRACK 1300 Fitness Equipment


Upper-Body Workout

The NordicTrack1300 Elliptical will add muscle tone and burn more calories at the same time with moveable handle bars that help provide not only cardio benefits but an effective over-all body workout.




Simply select your muscle group and the Commercial 1300 will automatically control the resistance and the Power Incline ramp for you.



Oversized Pedals

The roomy, over-sized pedals offer a feeling of stability and comfortable, secure foot placement.



Quick Target Toning


Target your trouble spots with these special programs designed to work specific areas of your body.



The silent Magnetic Resistance system of the NordicTrack 1300 Elliptical Trainer provides a smooth, frictionless resistance system that allows you to adjust resistance levels instantly without disrupting your workout.


Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor your pulse accurately with the convenient gym quality features like the club design heart rate monitor and sophisticated electronics




Workout Display: LED

Control Panel: Electronic


CoolAire Fan: built into the back-lit, easy to read console for the ultimate in workout comfort!

Water Bottle Holder: Yes



Lifetime guarantee on the frame, with 90 day parts and labor



SPECIFICATIONS - Nordic Track 1300 Commercial Elliptical


Stride Length: 18"

Weight: Built to Support User Weight of 350 lbs.

Portability: Mobile -Transport Wheels


Power Option: AC Power Cord

Item Weight: 300 lbs. - Steel Frame Construction


Color: Silver/gray

Materials & Finishes:

Assembly required







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Your New Nordic Track 1300 Elliptical!

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The Nordic Track 1300 Elliptical offers roomy foot pedals for stability.




Want additional special features for a few $$ more? Consider the Nordic Track Audiostrider 990 - Rated a Best Buy!


As with any Fitness Activity, seek the counsel of your personal physician before beginning any Exercise Program with the Schwinn 430, Nordic Track 990, Nordic Track 1300, Lifefitness X1, X3 or X8 Ellipticals -- or any fitness equipment.




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